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La Doll Cloth Clay 600 gr

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Product Description

La Doll Cloth Clay adalah bahan untuk membuat kain menjadi keras Biasanya dipakai untuk membuat baju/rok untuk patung.

– Celupkan kain kedalam cairan ini (di kuas juga bisa), tunggu hingga kering, maka kain anda akan keras seperti terbuat dari clay.

– Juga bisa dipakai sebagai bahan “repair”, untuk memperbaiki clay jenis Ladoll, Formo, Premier, Premix dll, yang hasilnya kurang halus. (berpori). Kuaskan bahan cloth clay ini keatas clay yang mau di perbaiki, tunggu kering , dan gunakan amplas halus untuk memperhalus permukaan. Warna : putih Material : semi liquid clay isi perbotol 600 gram


How to use :
– Create a doll’s body, head and limbs (with a wire armature, if desired). Model figure using LaDoll or your favorite clay.
– Cut out lace or fabric the desired pattern for the dress. Sew the parts together as necessary.
– Pour the required amount of Cloth Clay in a bowl. The amount depends on the amount of cloth.
– Soak the fabric thoroughly with Cloth Clay. After the fabric is thoroughly saturated with the clay, lightly squeeze (do NOT twist) the excess clay back into the bowl.
Twisting the fabric will result in an uneven finish. You want enough Cloth Clay in the fabric but you don’t need it “dripping wet”.
– Return the remaining Cloth Clay to the original container and tightly seal. You may wish to place a piece of plastic wrap over the top of the container before tightening the top. You want to keep as much air out of the clay as possible.
– Spread out the squeezed cloth, separating the folds, etc., and place it on the doll’s body. Remove any threads you might have used for gathering if necessary and cut all thread tails. Let air dry completely once you have the fabric placed as you would like.
– If desired, paint your creation with any water-based medium that you wish.
– Apply a finish coat with a clear water-based lacquer or sealant.


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Weight 725 g


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